Candreva Environmental Foundation

Improving our world, one mini-grant at a time.

About Us

The Candreva Environmental Foundation is a New York state based organization that provides seed money for local environmental education initiatives and projects that engage young people in environmental service.
As a minimally endowed not-for-profit that has impacted thousands of young people and teachers, the organization serves as an example of what can be replicated in any region.
We were created in 1974 in memory of Dr. George Candreva, a Yorktown educator, journalist and visionary environmentalist.

Whoʼs eligible for funding?

Any professional staff or youth leader who works directly with students or teachers in the Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess and Ulster county region is eligible to apply for a mini-grant. Students or student groups under the supervision of a professional staff member may also apply. Awards of up to $500 can be used for materials, printing costs, student and teacher travel, communication costs and other project related expenses.